Friday, March 02, 2007

D´Souza Mirrors the Left on Islam

D´Souza is a conservative who is doing what many on the American left have done: reducing grave foreign policy challenges to mere reflections of petty domestic animosities between the opposing American political parties. Thus Democrats hate Bush so much that they often care more about their dispute with him than they do about the external totalitarian threat. D´Souza adopts the same absurd misplacement of priorities and makes what the Democrats are allegedly doing wrong more significant than what the terrorists and totalitarian Islam are doing wrong. D´Souza and the conservatives who follow him, and many Dems, are thus guilty of a kind of navel-gazing narcissism that fails to recognize that not everything in the world is purely a function of American domestic politics. Islam has its own internal forms that have been developing since the time of Muhammad, long before Bush and long before the supposed decadence of American liberal culture. Islam is innately more fundamentalist than the other major religions, in part because violence is systematically built into the Koran as a very effective means of suppressing doubt and questions and as a way of maintaining an extreme fundamentalist interpretation. By contrast, Christian fundamentalism is just one part of Christianity, and even among Christian fundamentalists, hardly any would advocate state theocracy or the use of violence to compel belief. It just ain´t there in the New Testament to do that. But theocracy and religious violence are certainly there in the Koran and in the reports of Muhammad´s life that most Muslims consider reliable, Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.
Too frequently people assume, without question, that every great religion is ¨the same.¨ But such an assumption needs at least to be put in question. Especially when a religion appears to be totalitarian in its documents and practices, and when its chief (Muhammad) was the ruler of a state theocracy and a leader of many wars. By the end of the century, at least under current trends, Muslims will be a majority in Europe, so if one cares at all about religious freedom and civil rights and liberties, one should not blindly assume anything about Islam. Else it may soon be too late to save Europe´s freedoms.
Muslims´ own primary documents show that Muhammad employed torture, assassination of critics, rape, and deception for the purpose of spreading Islam´s dominance. The use of Koranically sanctioned deception by Muslim apologists seeking to make Islam look compatible with Western values must be kept well in mind. Please check these facts for yourselves, check thoroughly.

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