Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Image Links to Jean-Mairet's Site; New Movie on Radical Islam

At Jean-Mairet's site, check out this great cartoon about the recent apostasy trial in Afghanistan, and also this beautiful promotional image for the new award-winning documentary: "Obsession, Radical Islam's War Against The West". If you click on the above link to the promotional image, once the image appears you can click on the image itself and you'll be taken to the movie's website, where you can inquire about getting a showing near you and find other info. Nationally syndicated radio host Micheal Medved:
"Obsession" is one of the most powerful, expertly crafted and undeniably important films I've seen this year. This courageous, utterly gripping expose deserves the attention of every American -- and merits serious consideration for the Academy Award for Best Feature Length Documentary.


ajm said...


And I do recommend Obsession. Warmly. I have it on DVD. It is a perfect summary on radical Islam, which can be shown everywhere. The facts are straight; the tone is measured and balanced. Many real experts are interviewed. The graphics are great. Excellent overall quality. Everyone should know what this film is saying.

omar malomaari said...

To ajm:
You're most welcome. I'll keep an eye out for it. - Omar

Anonymous said...

Dear Omar,

Please accept my humble apologies for my unwarranted rudeness on the other site. Passion sometimes carries me away and I get too worked up. If it's any consolation my mother reads my posts and she has just given me a hard time, too, after a b----y awful Friday at work.


Anonymous said...

BTW. Like your Blog.


omar malomaari said...

Dear Dominic,
Thanks for what you said. I know what you are saying because there are plenty of times when I am much worse than you were as far as getting carried away by passion to rudeness! Very good of you to be so ready to see it in yourself. Wish I could say I found it that easy to own up when I behave similarly. Thanks for setting me the example. And I'm very glad you like the blog. -Omar

mahdi said...

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tanx babye